Equilibria Oracle Network

Our native chain privately delivers any real world data to smart contracts through our scalable blockchain-agnostic ecosystem.

We are ready to change the way smart contracts share information.

Private, Secure and Scalable

With our native token XEQ, smart contracts will be able to privately access real world data and off chain information. This gives businesses, brands, and private companies the ability to confidently connect smart contracts in a completely safe and tamper-proof method.

Blockchain Agnostic

While XEQ is our private token, it is our goal to be interoperable with ecosystems like Ethereum, Solana and Cardano. This gives smart contracts the freedom to choose between private and public high quality data feeds. We have already launched wXEQ which enables any Ethereum smart contract to utilize our oracle.

Community Ran Oracle Nodes

The majority of our oracle nodes are ran by community members. We believe that one of the most important features of cryptocurrencies is decentralization. The protocol offers rewards and incentives for community members and as such, have already seen over 100 nodes become active on our ecosystem.

Token Economics

The Equilibria Oracle Network uses the native coin XEQ for staking and payments. Other tokens are created on other chains to act as intermediary payment methods. All tokens will be confined to the 77M max supply of XEQ.