On-Demand Data Feeds

As more projects come into the crypto space there will be an increasing need for smart contracts to be connected, feeding data to and from each other, as well as having access to information from outside the crypto space.

Equilibria helps smart contracts retrieve information such as price feeds on token swaps, loan collateralization, esports, weather, and much more.

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Token Economics

The Equilibria Oracle Network uses the native coin XEQ for staking and payments. Other tokens are created on other chains to act as intermediary payment methods. All tokens will be confined to the 84M max supply of XEQ.


The Equilibria Blockchain is hybrid PoW and PoS. Miners take half of the block reward.

Oracle Nodes

Oracle Nodes take the other half of the block reward as a base payment and receive oracle request fees.

Staking Pools

Staking pools allow for anyone to stake their XEQ. You can easily stake to a pool through our web wallet or desktop wallet.